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January 08, 2008


Sally Basiliere

OMG!!! Michelle, this looks so cute!! I can't wait to see it Sunday.

Gina Lovato

Hey Michelle...remember me...it's me Gina
Just stopping by to say hi...OMG...this is the CUTEST!! I want to take this class...
Happy New Year!!



OMG!!! This is GORGEOUS. I truly hope you will come to the Netherlands one day. Pleassssssse.... :-)


gorgeous!! love all of the bright colors!! ;)


Lovely!! I so have to get down to the pineapple one of these days.


that is the cutest project!
Sally and I will see you Sunday!


ok. I am jealous! I want to see that whole thing... It looks A-dorable!

I just love all the F U N things you have peeking out of the edges!


Oh that is so pretty!!!! I wish I lived in California so I could take that wonderful class!!! Please let us know if you have extra class kits - I would love to buy one of those!!! I have one of the holders just waiting to be altered!!


michelle, this looks awesome!!! i can't wait to work on it!! i love it! love all the color! see you sunday! :)


Wow! I am so loving your ATC holder. It looks like the ATCs that you have are so happening and creative. I totally love it!


Such a great project Michelle...wish I could have seen it in person!

Thanks again for the chat and coffee last week...I REALLY enjoyed being able to sit with you and talk! Have a great week...

Julie (in England)

Did you have any extra class kits as it looks AMAZING. please please say yes!!!!!

Rhonda :)

I know how you feel Julie (in England)!...I would love to have the opportunity buy one...:)How about that Michelle...by chance to you have any for sale...please say yes!!! :)

Christina Witkowski

Wow!!!! Lovely, luscious projects! You should post directions for the rest of us!!!


Love you project! you are so creative!


Super cute! I absolutely adore the use of the crayons!


Hey Michelle, as always, I'm loving the bright and sassy stuff you pull off! It totally rocks. So wish you'd teach up here in the Pacific NW. Been cold lately so ya might wanna wait until spring...or bring your skis and we'll hit the slopes!


Michelle could you please post the links for the instructions and both kits on your blog. You have been promising them for weeks and despite your newsletter saying they are there, all that is there is a picture of the main kit. No instructions, no project kit pictures or instructions. Since you aren't allowing any posts that aren't daisies and sunshine on your polka dot whimsy blog all of our pleas are going unanswered (much like all of your emails it seems too.)

Michelle Simmons

this creations is totally cool!!! i love that you can add to it throuhout the year, instead of scrambling around at the END of the year to pull it all together (although, that might just happen anyways...)


Hello Michelle,
I love your work and your scrap room.
I am a newbie to scrapbooking.
Can wait to see more of your work.


You haven't blogges on your personal site in a while, so I thought I would tag you!
Tag... you are it!!! Check out my blog and play along!

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