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September 24, 2012


Tasha Cosenza-Mechels

We're all entitled to a "free" funk day from time to time! I am a person of organization so I would feel displaced as well in your situation, so I sympathize! Two years ago we had to have our kitchen floor replaced thanks to a leaky fridge that ruined it and I could not do Thanksgiving dinner or any baking for about 2 weeks in November and it made me insane!! I really hope things pick up for you so you can start enjoying your weekends again! :)


I think we are too hard on ourselves. We can have bad days/weeks, etc. and that is okay! I think we feel bad for feeling bad and have to justify that we are "blessed" when even the "blessed" can have bad days! I understand completely the funk! I just ride the wave...lol...and allow the funk and the pity party, etc. because I know it will pass, and it usually does, although sometimes not as fast as my family would appreciate. Good luck, Michelle. Hang in there...even if it isn't all the way it "should be", take a deep breath and know that it will eventually all work out...

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